Our Mission

We believe in challenging the status quo of the environmental and social crisis within the fashion industry.
The way we do it is by inspiring and implementing alternative solutions, causing no unnecessary harm and by questioning each decision we take. We happen to be brilliant in creating sustainable bags with a natural ease, ethically made in Portugal.

sustainable luxury bags ethically made

“I’m trying to grow with my mission to become a better version of myself every day, and would like to encourage others to do the same.”


– Katharina Kölln, Founder & Art director  –

    Who we are

We are a Lisbon based label with german roots, representing slow fashion. How? By favoring quality, local craftsmanship and sustainable materials over mass production and disposable trends.

The brand’s founder grew up in Freiburg, a small town in the foothills of the Black Forest which is widely known for its sustainable and advanced eco-friendly lifestyle. Striving for more fairness, transparency and most of all responsability within the fashion community, INA KOELLN was formed to challenge the status quo and launched in 2013.

Since then we have maintained our commitment to working on small collections, entirely manufactured locally in Portugal. Staying true to our core values since the very beginning has helped us create a company we’re proud to run and work for.

Always open for new ideas and innovative approaches, we emphasize collaborations with likeminded creatives in the sense of „teamwork makes the dream work“.

Nature powers our sense of fashion.

Sustainable bags ethically made in Portugal.

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